As photographers, we sometimes become so focused on helping our clients pick their perfect photo-worthy outfits, that we forget about our own. But if photography is your job, you need to dress the part. We know, easier said than done! Looking like a business owner while staying comfy enough to lie belly-down on the grass or balancing yoga style on a bed is a tall order.

Lucky for you, we’ve found a few photographer wardrobe essentials that will keep you looking chic and comfy. Go from client photo sessions to in-person sales appointments to coffee with your photography pals, while remaining stylish and professional. Here’s your shopping list—

1. A versatile vest

A vest is a photographer wardrobe essential for so many reasons! First, they are seasonally versatile which means you can wear them year-round with a variety of outfits — maxi dresses, skinny jeans, and trousers all go great with a vest. Second, unlike a full jacket, a vest gives you a little extra coverage but keeps your arms unconstricted to move about freely, which is really important for photographers. Third, a hooded vest will provide instant protection from a surprise rain shower or windstorm. And last, look for one with pockets to quickly and conveniently stash lens caps, cleaning cloths, extra batteries and memory cards. We love this utility vest from Nordstrom.

A great vest for photographers

2. Practical boots

A great pair of boots can quickly become your favorite pair of shoes. Boots go great with so many outfits, can be dressed up or down, and protect your feet during unpredictable weather and rough terrain. Black boots can be worn with almost anything, but if you’re a fan of more casual outfits, go for brown. We’re loving these lace-up combat boots from Steve Madden.

Boots for photographers

3. Stretchy leggings

Black leggings are probably the most versatile pair of pants you could have in your closet — they go with everything! Black pants will also hide the inevitable grass stains you’ll get while photographing kids and sweat from photographing an all-day wedding. These adorable leggings from Madewell are great because they’re comfortable and stretchy enough to bend and squat to get the shot, but cute enough to keep you stylish.

4. A classic button-down shirt

Whether your style calls for classic white, light and airy chambray, or on-trend flannel, all closets need a button-down shirt. With the proper fit and styling, a crisp button-down shirt can take any outfit up a notch when paired with a skirt and statement necklace. Or dress it down with distressed denim and combat boots. We adore this twist on the classic pinstripe from Gap.

5. Statement earrings

Every outfit needs a small bit a wow factor or cool conversation piece, right? Nothing that stands out too much, but something that gets noticed. It can be hard to accessorize when you know you’ll have a camera around your neck or wrist, so earrings can be a great choice. We love these trendy leather leaf earrings from Francesca’s. They would go perfectly with a simple tank top or a sleek blazer.

Photography wardrobe - statement earrings

6. A fabulous pair of jeans

Is there anything better than the absolute perfect pair of jeans? When you find them, you’ll know! Denim is a great part of any woman’s closet, but is absolutely a photographer’s wardrobe staple. You can dress up a great pair of jeans for client visits and sales meetings, or pair them with your favorite graphic tee for a casual photo session. We suggest skipping the trends and finding the jeans that make you feel effortlessly stylish and super comfy. We love this pair from Reformation.

Jeans - a photographer's wardrobe stable

7. An on-trend graphic tee

Just like jeans, t-shirts are in. There’s a message tee or graphic tee for just about any personality, industry and style. And from slouchy to fitted to everything in between, there’s a fit for everybody. We’re loving all of the fabulous photography t-shirts, like these from the Click & Co. store (so comfy, by the way). And we adore these power tees from Strawberry Revolution. How cute would this one be with jeans and boots?!

Photographer wardrobe - graphic tee

8. A hair-taming headband

OK, so this photographer wardrobe staple is both practical and cute — headbands. Because let’s be honest, when you’re contorting your body into a pretzel to get the best possible angle for your photo, the last thing you want to think about is your hair. And, while we’d love to say, “photography hair, don’t care,” that’s not entirely true — we do care. We’ve got clients to impress. A girl’s got to look professional. We are loving these cute yoga headbands from MinitaStudio. They come in a bunch of colors and are under $10!

Photographer's wardrobe - headband

What’s in your photographer wardrobe?

We gotta know — what are YOUR photographer wardrobe essentials? Do you wear jeans and a t-shirt to every session? Or are you a leggings and tunic kind of girl? Tell us in the comments and we’ll keep updating our list as we find awesome suggestions. Or, better yet, share a pic of yourself in your favorite photographer outfit on our Facebook page. We love to see you in action!

p.s. Don’t even get us started on shoes and boots. That’s a whole other post (no really, it’s a post on boots for photographers and it’s right here!).