I have been practicing the art of photography for a while now. However, you will never hear me claim to be an expert — I feel like this is the kind of craft that is so constantly evolving and so far-reaching in its possibilities that “experts” don’t actually exist. That said, I do feel like I have a pretty good grasp on my camera and lighting and editing and how it all works.

But every once in a while, I stumble upon the work of an artist who reminds me of how much I really don’t know. Whose work is so fantastic and inspiring that I can only sit at my computer screen and stare with my mouth agape. Whose imagery reminds me of the fact that while I don’t claim to be an expert, what I do know only scrapes the surface of what is possible in this field.

Enter Adrian Sommeling.

adrian sommeling flying carpet

adrian sommeling first selfie

adrian sommeling ghost rider

Originally a painter and now a digital artist based in the Netherlands, Adrian is a cross between Norman Rockwell and J.J. Abrams, constructing scenes simultaneously relatable and fantastic through composite photography and careful Photoshop work. The end results are absolutely hypnotizing in their imagination and execution.

Inspired by everything from news articles to conversations with his son, Sommeling creates images that tell stories most only dare to dream. Like the answer to, “Who constructed the pyramids?” or what a selfie would have looked like one hundred years ago. His sense of humor and his eye for detail create pieces of art that are utterly unforgettable.

adrian sommeling pyramids

adrian sommeling london-eye-lagen-hires (1)

And lucky us! Adrian Sommeling has recently released a video workshop that covers his composite workflow, from conceiving the idea to shooting the location and subjects and props, to the final composition and editing techniques. It is the best way to get a peek into the genius of Sommeling and his work and you can find it at www.adriansommeling.com.

adrian sommeling metro

adrian sommeling tin can alley

Originally a painter and now a digital artist based in the Netherlands, Adrian Sommeling constructs scenes through compelling composites and careful Photoshop work.