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Featured Product: Bay Photo’s 16×24 Maple Wood Print

Clickin Moms Pro: Tiffany Kelly

I was so excited to receive this gorgeous 16×24 maple wood print from Bay Photo! It’s unbelievably beautiful — thick and sturdy and feels and looks so high quality. The photo looks amazing and clear and has a matte finish. The wood texture is perfect; just enough to add some dimension to the photo, but not enough to distract. The back comes with awesome hardware built in so it’s ready to hang and enjoy. I love seeing my sweet girls printed so large and on such a high-quality product.

Bay Photo-2

In the past, I have only ordered smaller wooden products (from a different vendor) and was always disappointed that the photos looked fuzzy and lost a lot of clarity. I was really pleased to see this wood print was sharp and retained great clarity. I didn’t sharpen my image before sending to print, and it still printed with perfect sharpness.

Bay Photo-5

Because of the wood medium, I was a little worried my image would print too warm. I’m very picky about color, so I cooled the image slightly before sending to print. I cooled it just enough so that it wasn’t too cool in case it printed as seen on my screen. As I expected, the wooden medium warmed it a little, just enough to make it perfect! (For reference, I cooled the image from my original edit of 5929 Kelvin to 5691 Kelvin.) I could not be happier with how the colors turned out. I also love how the maple wood makes the blown out white sky in the image appear golden! As always when I print anything, I selected not to have the image color-corrected. Since my monitors are calibrated I prefer to handle my own color management.

Bay Photo-3

Ordering from Bay Photo was incredibly easy! I love that I didn’t have to download another ROES software. Instead, I was able to order directly from their website and it was simple and fast. I was surprised the wood print didn’t cost more, especially at such a large size.

I’m not a big fan of canvas so this is a perfect alternative for me. I love printing my work and I have photos of my kids all over my walls. I will probably add some smaller framed prints around this wood print to create a small gallery wall with this as the large focal point.

Bay Photo-6

For next year I want to start offering these to my clients, and possibly replace my current canvas offering with these. I love that they are modern and yet still timeless, and I feel like they fit my brand well because of that. Due to the warm golden appearance of the product, I think it would be perfect for the backlit images I provide my clients with. I’m so excited to have this gorgeous work of art hanging on my wall and I’m looking forward to offering them to clients knowing that the quality is superb.

Bay Photo-7

All photos by Tiffany Kelly

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