Today we are heading down south to the Tampa area where maternity, newborn and family photographer, Alison Winterroth, has created the most gorgeous studio space for her thriving business.


Five months ago, Alison signed the papers on a beautiful new studio space located in a historic cigar factory which has been revitalized to house many different artist studios in Tampa, Florida. As a photographer who has been in different studio spaces for over three years now, Alison had a defined idea of what type of space she was looking for in her new studio, and although Alison immediately saw the potential in this amazing space, she knew there would be a great deal of “sweat equity” involved before it became the environment she envisioned.




With the help of her father and husband, she removed the old berber carpet and replaced it with new flooring and repainted the navy ceilings a stark white. In addition, they hand built all of the tables and shelves in the studio which now beautifully display all of Alison’s lovely newborn props and products. The renovated studio space is now clean and uncluttered which allows Alison to utilize the majority of her studio space when photographing her subjects. In addition to the newborn shooting area found in the studio, Alison also has a bed and canopy set up which she thoroughly enjoys utilizing for all sessions whether it is a maternity, newborn or toddler session.





Alison knew that it was time to begin looking for a larger space to call her own, a spae that matched her calm, organic brand after her lease ended on a tiny, 160 square foot space last year. Knowing she wanted 75% of her sessions to take place in-studio and that she wanted to start doing in-person sales, her vision for the space was clear from the beginning. The advice she gives to other photographers looking to secure studio space is to first make sure you have a steady client flow and profitable business before you make the leap. Once you decide that you are ready to open your own studio and find a space that feels like home to you, she advises that you study the lease closely and have an attorney look over it before you sign on the dotted line.



Today, five months after deciding to make this space her own, Alison is thrilled with the end result. She says that the best thing about having her own studio is that it has become an extension of her brand and that it is a truly wonderful place to display her work. In addition, having her studio has allowed her to decrease the time she spends on preparing for and editing sessions. Since she has found more time in her day, she has been able to increase the number of sessions she shoots each day…which is a win-win for all!


With a beautiful vision in mind, Alison Winterroth, created the most gorgeous photography studio space for her thriving business in Tampa, Florida.