Food photography isn’t just about a beautiful picture of food. It’s about determining the food’s best features and showcasing it in a delicious way. Here is some interesting, functional, and beautiful serveware sure to take your food photography to the next level.

1. Metal Colander

A metal colander in a fun bright color can be a wonderful compliment to red strawberries, green grapes or mandarin orange slices. Spritz with water before shooting for authenticity. $13

2. Simple White Plate

Nothing is more classic and timeless than white. The neutral background of the white plates will ensure that the food will be the focus and the modern design adds an interesting element. $3

3. Copper Mule

Whether you’re photographing iced coffee, southern sweet tea with lemon, or the infamous Moscow Mule, this copper mug adds a quintessentially cool and ultra-refreshing twist to any drink photo. $24

4. Condiment Tray

Dips, spices, sauces, and herbs deserve more than just a glass side bowl. Add instant elegance to your food photos with this trio of soapstone condiment bowls served on a wooden paddle. $45

5. Colorful Cake Stand

The cool blue tones give this festive piece a vintage feel. It’s the perfect backdrop for your sweet treats. $25

6. Pewter Plate

With an old-world look and hammered design, this metallic plate is just shiny enough to bounce neutral light onto the food, without being too reflective to be distracting. $45

7. Glass Cone

This glass waffle dessert cone gives you plenty of room for several scoops, and features an embossed waffle design on the outside to simulate an actual cone. Sweet! $5

8. Canon 100mm Macro Lens

Capture the wonderful details of food with a dedicated macro lens. With the highest-quality optics available, combined with quiet focusing and life-size close-up capabilities without an adapter, the Canon 100mm Macro is the perfect lens for the job.

If all this food talk has made you thirsty, or you’ve never heard of a Moscow Mule, here’s a quick recipe sure to quench your thirst!

Moscow Mule Recipe (via Epicurious)


  • 1 half lime
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 4 to 6 ounces ginger beer, preferably homemade