About Tarah Beaven

Tarah is a lifestyle photographer in San Francisco specializing in maternity and newborns. As a creative, she also writes and photographs as a contributor to various publications such as Red Tricycle and Clickin Moms. She also loves photographing her son and their adventures together. Tarah has been featured by Good Housekeeping, Fox Business News and more.

12 Newborn photography safety tips every pro photographer should know

Newborn safety applies to every photographer in every genre. Even though lifestyle newborn photography is safe in the way it emphasizes poses that are natural for infants, there are precautions lifestyle photographers need to take to ensure the baby’s wellbeing [...]

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How to attract your ideal photography clients? Make it personal.

If you want to attract your ideal clients — the ones you totally vibe with and want to chat with for hours after the photo session ends — then you need to be putting yourself out there. Yep, that's right, [...]

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Just say NO to cheese: 3 Simple ways to get natural smiles in photos every single time

Just about anyone can identify when a loved one is faking a smile — or faking any emotion for that matter. But did you know that 60 percent of the time the general population can distinguish between a fake and a [...]

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How minimalism could make you a more creative photographer

I have a secret I want to share with you about how to be a more creative photographer. Here it is, ready, in 5, 4, 3... Throw your stuff out. Yep, toss it. And I’m not referring to annual spring-cleaning [...]

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How I create gorgeous client galleries in just minutes

I aim for two things in my editing workflow: to streamline it and to do so in style. From editing to delivering galleries, professional photographers are always on the lookout for products that will save us time and give our [...]

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Road Trip: Book photo sessions that feed your creativity

When I started my photography business in San Francisco, I knew I was ready to hit the road. There's just something about the adventure and challenge of a travel session that feeds my artistic soul. I love being able to [...]

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Photographing expecting mothers in their late 30s and beyond

What do Gwen Stefani, Rachel Zoe, Halle Berry, Tina Fey and Selma Hayek have in common? They all birthed babies in their early 40s. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. The number of women giving birth after 40 years old has nearly [...]

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