About Sarah Rypma

Sarah is a photographer based out of Kalamazoo, Michigan. As a family photographer who specializes in lifestyle photography, Sarah works with clients of all ages. Sarah also does custom commercial work for both local and national companies and licenses her work for commercial use.

Leave the props at home: 5 honest elements for your newborn lifestyle photos

I started out my journey into newborn photography by packing the tailgate of my vehicle as though I was departing on a mountaineering expedition. I jammed beanbag chairs, backdrops, and props into the car until I could barely close the [...]

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How black and white photography pulls out the emotion in a photo

Distractions. They are everywhere. It seems harder than ever to focus on what really matters. As I sit and write this article (which, by the way, has lingered on my to-do list for well over a month), text messages, tweets, [...]

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