About Rebecca Wyatt

Rebecca Wyatt is a former attorney turned mom to four who discovered her passion for photography during her early years of motherhood. Based in Baltimore, Maryland she is now a child and family photographer committed to documenting the adventures of family life. Presenter of Clickin’ Moms Breakout “Real Life: Capturing Life’s Moments as Only You Can,” Rebecca shies away from the scripted and posed, aiming to capture life just as it is, knowing that for her real moments will always trump the contrived. She believes that our best work as photographers comes from knowing and accepting our true selves and allowing ourselves to be seen through our photographs.

Storytelling through video fusion: 5 Helpful tips for photographers

There’s nothing quite like video for storytelling and memory keeping. The ability to fully capture moments and sound in a way that transports us to another time and place is magical. That said, I'm a photographer at heart. I enjoy [...]

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How to set up a complete basement photo studio in just 5 minutes

I used to dream about having a home photo studio, but I never thought I had the space. I love photography and all, but I didn't exactly want a permanent backdrop and light stands in my living room. One long [...]

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Your next photography client could be standing right next to you

As photographers, we spend a lot of time focusing on our digital marketing. From social media to SEO to email lists, there is a seemingly neverending list of online strategies to reach potential clients. All too often though, we spend [...]

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