About Rachel Nielsen

Rachel Nielsen is a full time wedding photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is inspired by gorgeous light and can be easily bribed with a large Diet Coke. She loves shooting outdoors and can never resist a dramatic sky. She is a Clickin Mom's mentor and instructor of Click Photo School’s "Mastering Manual Exposure". She's been in business since 2010.

Print lab showdown: Pro vs. consumer… what’s the difference?

OK, so you're ready to print your photos but you're overwhelmed by the options available. Kiosks, online printers, your local big box store, professional print labs... Does it really make that much of a difference where you choose to print your [...]

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4 features photographers need in their next computer monitor

Now that you've bought your new computer, it's time for the perfect monitor. Photographers need quality, consistency, accurate color, and a wide color gamut to support our artistic endeavors. There are four key elements a photographer should look for in [...]

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Create something unique: 6 cheap and easy DIY photo props

I remember when I first started learning photography and at that time I thought that the props made the shot. I spent hours and hours deciding which props to purchase, roaming aisles at craft stores to see what I could [...]

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Glass tryouts: Lens rental companies for hands-on test drives

I feel pretty confident in saying that most photographers love new gear. I am a habitual list maker and I have an ever-growing wish list of gear. Before I purchase new gear, I always rent it first to make sure that it [...]

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