Megan Arndt


About Megan Arndt

Megan is a family and portrait photographer in the western suburbs of Chicago whose specialty is candid, honest moments. She has 4 boys that she chases around constantly with a camera, and she and her husband love to travel with them on family adventures. Her work can be found at and on Instagram, @meganarndtphotgraphy.

Everyone’s favorite standby focal length just got interesting

I am a photographer who likes to take all the pictures. When I travel with my family, I capture the entire feeling of a trip, from macro and still life shots to landscape images to pictures of my kids [...]

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Why studying other photography genres is good for creativity

When I was starting out in photography, the advice I heard most often went something like this: “Pick a specialty, stick with it, and make a name for yourself in that particular area of photography. You can’t stand out in [...]

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Frozen? 4 ways to ignite creativity in cold, dark winter

I have a confession to make: Winter is my favorite time of year for photographic growth. Many photographers cringe at the thought of staying indoors for months, not shooting those beautiful golden hour sessions, but I actually love the shooting [...]

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