About Lauren Sanderson

Lauren Sanderson has been a Clickin Mom for over 6 years and Click Pro for over half that time. Author of the popular "Locations Breakout" and Click Away instructor in 2014 and 2015, Lauren has recently shifted her focus from being a child and family photographer and redirected her creative energy into being Huntsville Alabama's premiere commercial photographer for local, small businesses. Her mission is to provide them with the visual tools they need to appear like the professional business they already are.

New year, new resolution: Print your photos!

Feature photo by Nadya Rubina A new year equals new resolutions: "Declutter. Be less stressed. Eat healthier. Focus on what's important..." Well, this year, I challenge you to make a resolution to print your photos. And, I know, photographers are notoriously [...]

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Plate it: Beautiful and functional finds for food photography

Food photography isn’t just about a beautiful picture of food. It’s about determining the food’s best features and showcasing it in a delicious way. Here is some interesting, functional, and beautiful serveware sure to take your food photography to the next level. 1. Metal [...]

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Where to shoot: A field guide for choosing locations

I demand so much of my shooting locations that finding that perfect spot doesn’t come easy. For me, choosing a location is oftentimes the most frustrating part of the whole image-making process. Sometimes I’ll keep scouting right up until the [...]

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6 ways to make sitting at your desk more ergonomic

You may not realize you probably spend more hours sitting at your desk than you actually do shooting — answering emails, writing blogs, posting to social media, and of course editing. These extended periods of sitting (and oftentimes with bad [...]

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7 sweet surprises for the photographer friends in your life

Picture it… you’ve recently attended an amazing photography conference and met some new photographer friends. You connected with these ladies… you get each other, you laughed with each other like you haven’t laughed in forever, and you’re even planning a [...]

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Made with love: handmade and heartfelt gifts for your best clients

It took some time, but you finally hit the client jackpot. They showed up to the session in good moods, ordered before their gallery expired, and referred two families to you. You want to do something nice for them in [...]

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Our Favorite quilts for outdoor family photo sessions

Family Photographers who shoot outdoor sessions know how important it is to have something for families to sit on during the sessions, and it’s no secret that quilts fit the bill perfectly. But finding an affordable quilt isn’t always as easy as it [...]

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The World of Monograms: Photography Gear, Gifts and Accessories

People love seeing their name and initials on something… and with the recent surge in the popularity monogramming, just about anything can be monogrammed. Sporting a monogrammed item is a great way to stand out from the crowd, and in [...]

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Capturing Siblings: Hugging, hitting and everything in between

The love of sisters is hard to explain. By photographing that relationship, I’m able to show without having to necessarily explain. With only 23 months separating my oldest daughter from my twin girls, there’s not much that they don’t do [...]

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Garage Studio Essentials: Pro, cons, and the 4 must-haves

So you’re considering getting a photography studio space, but you’re not sure if you want the overhead and maintenance. If you have an attached or detached garage at your house, then an on-site garage studio might be a good starting [...]

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A Prop Checklist for Campfire Styled Sessions

My kids love camping, and with good reason! Roasting marshmallows, telling scary ghost stories, and giggling after dark in the tent—a perfect evening for imaginative and adventurous kids! Bringing the magic of a night under the stars to life with themed [...]

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15 keepsakes you never thought to include in your family yearbook

When putting together a family photo album, it’s easy to only concentrate on the photos of our family. But there's so much more to include in your digital scrapbook or photo book! If you work on traditional scrapbooks, you’re probably [...]

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Underwater for every budget: 5 options that won’t break the bank

I purchased my first dedicated underwater camera last year and it was the most fun I had with photography in a long time. When you take pictures of your kids all the time like I do, there’s something refreshing and [...]

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