About Kristen Ryan

Kristen Ryan is a hobbyist photographer who has a weakness for pretty light. She is a wife and a mother of two little ones. She strives to capture her everyday life and turn it into a little piece of art. Using her camera to document her kids childhood before they are grown has been a driving point in her photography. Photographing her everyday has made her slow down and look at the world around her.

Self-portraits made easy: 5 Simple steps for amazing photos of YOU

As photographers, we tend to be comfortable behind the camera, observing others and catching everyday moments of grace. Turning the camera on one’s self — not so comfortable. For one thing, photographing yourself in an actual, premeditated self-portrait requires a [...]

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Pro Review: How the Fujifilm XF10 can be a documentarian’s best tool

I’ve had my eye on a super small, very portable camera like the FUJIFILM XF10 for quite some time. Everyday moments are what I love to photograph. I am working my way through the fourth year of my 365 project, [...]

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