About Kellie Bieser

Kellie Bieser is a wife to one, mama to four (soon five!), and photographer based in Columbus, Ohio. She can usually be found with a camera in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other as she sprints to capture her crazy beautiful caffeine-fueled life... one frame at a time.

Make artificial light look like natural light: Photographing with the Profoto A1 (Video)

It wasn’t that long ago that I proudly declared myself an “exclusively natural light photographer” to anyone who was listening. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The sun is beautiful and I am glad it exists! But the problem [...]

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Want to double your photo sales? Sell products you believe in

In my six years as a photographer, I've heard hundreds of bits of advice on how I can and should run my business better. Some examples: I need to offer just digital files because that’s what people want. I need [...]

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You got this: 5 Crazy simple steps to rock the photography world

You read all of the photography blogs and you watch all the YouTube editing videos and your Instagram feed is full of the most amazing imagery and yet you feel like your own work is falling short of the amazingness [...]

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Illustrating the heart: Taryn Boyd’s meaningful photography

We all have our own reasons for picking up our cameras. It can be to have a creative outlet. It can be to make pretty things. It can be to play scientist with the exposure triangle. But I think that [...]

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Photo crush: The emotional, daring, and unapologetic work of Kara Orwig

I think we all have a photography crush or two. Someone whose work we see in our Instagram feed and know we are going to tap that little heart because we always love their work. Maybe it’s their flawless use [...]

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Compelling composites: Adrian Sommeling’s genius photographic creations

I have been practicing the art of photography for a while now. However, you will never hear me claim to be an expert — I feel like this is the kind of craft that is so constantly evolving and so [...]

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Party of Five: A natural and happy family session from Drew Saiz

Session: Photography by Drew Saiz I met Drew Saiz as he was graduating from high school and was on his way to his first year of college. He was memorable to me for many reasons. His smile was wide and [...]

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Soft Love: A mother & child captured by Tiffany Kelly

Session: Photography by Tiffany Kelly Tiffany Kelly, an Atlanta-based photographer, is someone who knows how to create beauty with her camera. No matter her subject, she manages to find a way to capture it that feels soft and feminine and [...]

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Private Editorial: High fashion family photography

Casey Martinez is a New Jersey-based mother and portrait photographer. She has recently joined forces with wardrobe stylist Michael Fusco to launch Private Editorial, a family photography experience that may redefine the genre. “We want to bring the same excitement [...]

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Moving & unique: Erika Ray’s session of a surrogacy birth (twins!)

Erika Ray is a birth photographer and yet her work is not about babies. Her work is about feeling. A woman feeling pain. A mother feeling empowered. A partner feeling desperate. A midwife feeling prepared. A family feeling complete. Her [...]

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Sessions we love: Capturing her child with autism transformed her photography

Sowmia Kamath was a photographer before she was a mother. As a portrait artist she loved controlling every detail of the frame: positioning a chin here, posing a hand there, smiling just a bit more. She has a streak of [...]

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