Kimberly Murray

About Kimberly Murray

Kimberly Murray is an Atlanta-based commercial photographer specializing in product styling, interiors, and lifestyle photography. She uses her Ph.D. in psychology to apply principles of perception to create images with visual impact, helping clients attract their ideal audience by showing the mood and personality of their brands.

5 Secrets to powerful and dynamic flat-lay photos

There are secrets to creating dynamic flat-lay photos. When you’re struck by a frame picturing objects shot from above, take a moment to analyze what makes the image compelling. At first, the elements might seem to be scattered haphazardly, but [...]

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4 Big ways this tiny smartphone studio light completely changed my photography

As a photographer and mom, the Profoto C1 Plus smartphone studio light has completely changed the game for me. Growing up, I always loved looking through old family photo albums and knew that I wanted to document my family too. [...]

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