About Julia Woods

Julia grew up in the Midwest, married in her early 20s, home-schooled the couple’s four children, and launched a successful business with her husband, Jeffrey. Today, Portraitlife (jeffreyandjuliawoods.com), is an internationally recognized boutique wedding, portrait, and photography education business. She created Beautiful Outcome to stand with others in their own transformation to help them fulfill their vision for their life, relationships and business.

3 Questions to ask yourself to be a happier and more fulfilled photographer this year

Feature photo by Zaida Lucia Ortega As we work through the bustle of the year’s end, we subconsciously begin processing what’s next. Before one season is complete, the next one starts forcing its way into our thoughts, and new ideas [...]

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Memories matter most: Why we regard photos above all else

This past October, my family and I were evacuated from our home as fires raged through Sonoma County, California. We filled our car with everything that matters most to us. As we gathered these items, I passed by my favorite [...]

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Self-sabotage: Defeat the No. 1 thing holding you back

Are you tired of feeling like something is bad, broken, or wrong with: You and what seems like your inability to produce the results you want? Your family members, who aren’t supporting you or making it easy to do what [...]

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3 Simple changes that’ll make your sales easier — and bigger

Are you still frustrated with your sales after you’ve: applied the cost of sales equation to everything you sell; created a product line that leads your clients to the sales average you need; designed a beautiful site and simplified [...]

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