About Elizabeth Blank

Elizabeth Blank is an child, family and underwater photographer just outside of Atlanta, Georgia where she lives with her husband and three young children. She is obsessed with beautiful light and when she isn't out chasing it, you can find her teaching the Click Photo School course, Understanding Light: Natural Light Basics.

What lies beneath: How to master underwater photography

Underwater photography, even to the seasoned pro, can feel complicated and foreign in this entirely new realm. You know your dry-land gear so well, but now you’ve got to incorporate such rarefied tools as ports and underwater housing. It can [...]

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5 Essential tips for posing families in genuine ways

Photographing families, especially young families, can sometimes make even the most seasoned photographer break out in a sweat (literally and figuratively!). From start to finish, there is a wide range of special considerations and unique challenges that must be accounted [...]

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Behind the Brand: A peek inside Alison Winterroth’s Tampa studio

Today we are heading down south to the Tampa area where maternity, newborn and family photographer, Alison Winterroth, has created the most gorgeous studio space for her thriving business. Five months ago, Alison signed the papers on a beautiful new [...]

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