About Cristin More

Cristin More is a San Francisco family and newborn lifestyle photographer. She has been encouraging families to start tickle wars and couples to make out on camera since 2012. In her free time, she starts dance parties with her two-year-old in her hallway, tries fruitlessly to get her five-month-old to laugh on camera, and plans road trips with her too-tall-for-road-tripping-in-a-compact-car husband.

How to photograph shy kids (and introverted parents) naturally

If you photograph children, you know you are going to meet children a range of comfort levels and personalities. Most photographers (myself included) want to capture unbridled, authentic joy in our family photo sessions, especially when it comes to our [...]

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A lifestyle photographer’s guide to day-in-the-life photo sessions

When I first started thinking about offering day-in-the-life photo sessions, I was so nervous that I wasn’t going to do them right. I knew I didn’t want to spend full days away from my family, and didn’t want to shoot [...]

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5 Tips for dynamic photos in gloomy, overcast weather

Living in the Bay Area, with its microclimate and intense fog, means that it’s rare for me to shoot on a beautiful sunny day. I’ve maybe shot four sunsets professionally and the rest have been overcast, dreary and gloomy. With [...]

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6 tips for getting varied photos at a lifestyle newborn session

Living in a big city like San Francisco comes with wonderful food, incredible cultural experiences and teeny tiny living spaces. It’s not uncommon for me to walk into a newborn client’s home and find their closet converted into a nursery. [...]

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