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15 Must-have mobile photography apps for photographers

Feature photo by Julie Audoux Smartphone photography isn't just about capturing a moment on the go anymore. It's everyday art and the ability to create wherever you go. It's freedom from heavy gear. And, it can be a push to [...]

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The key to photographing twin seniors: balancing their bond and individuality

Words and photos by Shey Detterline A high school senior session is not just about the images, it’s also a celebration of a senior's identity, their past, and their wide-open future. When I'm lucky enough to photograph twin seniors, my [...]

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8 Simple projects to inspire your mobile photography

Feature photo by Angela Ross The best camera is the one you have in your hand as the moment unfolds. Most of the time, that's going to be your phone camera, right? But mobile photography isn't just about convenience anymore. [...]

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How to keep clients happy: The top print products our editors love

Our editors have curated the photo products your clients are sure to adore. With a proven track record for the highest product quality, the fastest delivery and the best customer service, Miller’s Professional Imaging is your secret not only to [...]

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20 Super-talented senior photographers on Instagram you need to follow right now

Feature photo by Eve Tuft Just wow. Senior photographers sure are taking things up a notch these days! We're loving the incredible photo options available to today's high school seniors. From vintage film to color pop to modern, seniors can [...]

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9 Tiny photography products sure to give you big results

It’s time to lighten up! We’ve rounded up some of the tiniest, most compact, lightweight photo tools to comfortably carry along on your travels around town or around the world. Many of these items will fit in your pocket. You [...]

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See the top 3 winners of the Click photo contest: Love stories

Hannah Terry "Vintage Lovers" Gear & Settings: Canon EOS 5D Mark III + Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Art lens; f/2.0, 1/200, ISO 400 This month's Click Magazine photo contest theme, "love stories" brought in all the [...]

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Kate T. Parker is on a mission to help boys and girls believe in themselves

Photos by Kate T. Parker, written by Stephanie Boozer When Kate T. Parker began photographing her daughters and their Atlanta-area friends several years ago, she had no inkling those portraits would create a national stir. Nor did she know her [...]

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100 Outrageously fun summer photo session ideas to try

Photo by Monica Carlson The summer months offer up countless opportunities to infuse your lifestyle sessions — with clients or your own brood — with color, whimsy and pure joy. To help get your creative juices flowing, we're offering [...]

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The ultimate guide to photographing fireworks like a pro

Feature photo by Jessie Nelson It's no wonder that we, as photographers, feel drawn to photograph fireworks. Not only are they beautiful with a touch of magic, but they give us that nostalgic feeling of childhood wonder and remind [...]

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How to photograph sparklers: 5 creative techniques pros use

Feature photo by Kristen Ryan Photographing sparklers is a great way to add a little touch of magic to any picture. We asked five pro photographers to share their expert advice on using sparklers for photography. You're gonna love these [...]

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Pool party! 20 Colorfully cute props to make your summer photos pop

Photo by Jenna Sefkow For photographers, summer means one thing: photos! Bare feet, swimsuits, water and sunlight... It's like photo magic. We love seeing colorful photo props, clever uses of light and the overall creative high that comes with relaxed [...]

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We LOVE these 16 wedding photographers on Instagram

Feature photo by Olga Levien Wedding season is upon us, so we wanted to highlight some of the truly amazing wedding photographers on Instagram. We asked our Click Pros for their absolute favorite wedding IG feeds to scroll and the [...]

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10 Heart-melting photos of dads being dads

Feature photo is "Always Ready for the Next Adventure," by Julia Crim Dad. Carrier of tired children, soother of wounded souls, player of childhood games, joy maker, rule bender, teacher, chair, a soft place to land. He's unique in the [...]

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See the top 3 winners of the Click photo contest: Low light theme

Jessica Meyers "Before They Rise" Gear and settings: Canon EOS 6D + Sigma Art 35mm f/1.8 lens; f/1.8, 1/1500, ISO 500 We asked for your most amazing "low light" photos for the May/June 2019 Click [...]

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Pro photographers share their most treasured photos of mom

We asked Click Pros to show us their favorite photo of their mom and the results will melt your heart. These pro photographers didn't share images of perfect smiles or extraordinary actions. They shared photos of real moms having real [...]

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