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These are the most adorable, no-stress client gifts we’ve ever seen

We just found the most adorably branded, perfectly priced, hassle-free, happiness-in-a-box client gifts and we’re obsessed.  Gifts for our photography clients have a big job. They should say "thank you," "I value your business" and "let’s do this again" — [...]

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Sigma’s got the perfect mirrorless lens duo and we’re here for it

Sigma just made us realize we only need two lenses, and we’re not mad about it. Actually, we’ve never been so excited to ditch our bulky kits. Can we get real for a minute? We love photography gear. OK, OK, [...]

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18 Rainbow baby photos to make you smile and inspire your next newborn session

Feature photo by Little Love Photography Rainbow babies are joy after sorrow, happiness after heartbreak, and life after loss. They are truly the rainbow after the storm, and they deserve to be celebrated. What better way to capture that feeling [...]

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9 Creative products to get your photographer energy flowing

Need to give your creative photography a little boost? Get yourself in the right headspace by trying something new. Creative photography products aren't always cameras and lenses, sometimes it takes a meditation app or a new watercolor set to get [...]

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36 food photographers who will have you reaching for your stretchy pants

Feature photo by Stephanie Studer It's hard to say what we love more, eating or looking at gorgeous food photos. I guess what we really want is to eat our cake and photograph it too! Just kidding. We'd rather see [...]

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How to break out of a creative rut: 10 photographers share their best advice

Feature photo by Jyotsna Bhamidipati You accept that there are feasts and seasons in all of life, so it’s only natural for your creative urge to estivate now and then. But what if when now and then threatens to become [...]

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See the top 7 winners of the Click photo contest: Animals & Pets

PEDRO JARQUE KREBS "Equus" Gear: Sony α7R III + Sony FE 100–400 mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens From fur babies to majestic beauties, we all love photos of animals, right?! These Click photo contest winners [...]

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What not to wear for photos (and what to wear instead)

What to wear for a photo session can be a daunting decision for anyone. And, let's be honest, knowing what NOT to wear for photos is just as important as knowing what works. As a photographer, you want to help [...]

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Click magazine’s top Instagram photos of 2019

Feature photo by Jackie Haxtausen What's more beautiful than an Instagram feed full of photos by talented female photographers? We can't think of anything. We are so lucky to be able to feature jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, completely gorgeous images from women [...]

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Click’s top 10 photography stories of 2019 from the blog

Feature photo by Tanya Montpetit December is an exciting time! In addition to a busy photo season, holiday shopping and lots of family activities, there's an air of reflection as we prepare to move into a new year. One of [...]

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11 Photographer-approved kids’ pajamas for holiday photo sessions

Feature photo by Celia Sloan. Little girl's pajamas are from Hanna Andersson The holidays are filled with color casts (hello, red and green!), opportunities for blown highlights (so. much. white.), and challenging indoor low-light situations. Top that off with the [...]

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12 Amazing Black Friday 2019 deals for photographers

You've waited all year for the biggest sales, and it's finally here — Black Friday 2019! Now's the perfect time to stock up on essentials, grab that new lens you've been eyeing or upgrade your photo gear. We know you're [...]

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12 Of the best smartphone photographers on Instagram

Feature photo by Sunny Mays Here are 12 smartphone photographers on Instagram who will totally make you rethink everything you thought you knew about phone photography. It's not that big fancy camera that makes a photographer, it's the artistic eye [...]

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7 Heartfelt ways to give back through your photography

Feature photo by Meg Loeks, taken for childhood cancer awareness  Photography is a powerful art. Through it, we tell stories, keep records, express ourselves and share our souls with the world. Photography can help us capture the indescribable, everyday moments [...]

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