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I fancy myself one of those graceful, put-together girls who can wear heels and not wobble, or drink martinis without spilling. But instead, I'm the girl who wears Converse with dresses, packs for comfort rather than fashion, and will most certainly spill any food or drink provided to me. Always the unique one, I move at my own pace and follow the beat of my own drum. Professionally, I work with fun couples and creative entrepreneurs to hook them up with killer photos. I have my degree in meteorology and worked as a meteorologist for four years before pursuing my photography hobby as a full-time career.

Why I raised my photography prices: Learn how to charge what you need

So often as a professional photographer, I meet people who tell me I have their dream job. “I love photography!” they tell me. “I really want to start my own photography business!” The same words came from my own mouth [...]

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Modern headshots: 10 ways to create corporate portraits that aren’t boring

As a brand photographer, I’m often hired to take headshots. The word “headshots” may put you in mind of your dad’s LinkedIn photo: suit and tie, looking directly into the camera, solid white or gray backdrop behind him. But, sister, [...]

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4 Pro travel secrets to keep photo gear safe when you fly

You've booked a photo session or wedding that requires you to travel — score! And then a moment of panic sets in: How do you keep your photography gear safe while traveling? What sort of bag is best for carrying [...]

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Everything you wanted to know about hiring a business coach

When I was in high school, I remember my father occasionally attending sessions with a business coach. A business coach? That was the first I’d heard of such a thing, and it confused me. My dad is good at what [...]

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