Featured photo by Lindsay Saunders, 2019 Voice Collection

Click & Company’s 6th annual Voice Image Collection is here!

The Voice Collection is an inspiring celebration of photography from female artists around the globe. It’s a gathering place for real women to share real stories through a unique female lens. Chosen from almost 40,000 entries, the 210 final images in the Collection can be viewed online HERE, have been published in the November/December 2019 issue of Click Magazine, and will be displayed at this year’s Click Away Conference in Atlanta.

2019 Voice image collection categories and category winners:


COLOR: Lisa Toffolo

CULTURE & TRAVEL: Lucy Ketchum


HER: Cheryl L. Guerrero

HUMAN FACE: Eunice Kim


LINE & SHAPE: Lauren Sanderson

LOVE & ROMANCE: Kate Rankin


ROOMS & SPACES: Andrea Moffatt

SELF PORTRAIT: Lindsay Saunders


WEATHER: Leslie Schoen

Behind the scenes of VOICE

One of the things we love most about The Voice Collection is the diversity of images, contributors and stories behind the photos. Though a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s still interesting to know what happened behind the scenes. What made the photographer click the shutter at that exact moment? What compelled them to put camera to eye and frame up a shot? How did she know THIS image was special before it was even created? Here are a few of our favorite BTS stories from the 2019 collection.

Tell us why you created this image:

“At the beginning of the year I decided to attempt the Clickin Moms 365 Days of Photography challenge. Lucky for me, I usually had a willing participant in my youngest daughter Elise. She has her own room, but the guest room used to be hers and I think she is drawn to the space and her memories because she often wanders there for some quiet time. It also happens to get the very best light in the house (go figure).

One evening I decided to take some photos of her playing the ukulele on the bed as the room became saturated with golden light. I took pictures from almost every angle and the results are some of my most cherished photos of her.”

Ginger Livingston, 2019 Voice Collection

2019 Voice photography contest winner - A girl plays guitar on a bed
Photo by Ginger Livingston

“It was the end of the New York City Clickin Walk and we were all enjoying the golden hour light. I turned and this subject passed as fast as I had time to click the shutter. His hair caught my attention, as well as the split frame. I loved the gritty feel of the area along with his hair, which reminded me of New York City in the 1970s and 80s.”

Denise Laurinaitis, 2019 Voice Collection

2019 Voice photo contest winner - a split frame street scene of shadow and darkness
Photo by Denise Laurinaitis

“Each and every one of my stretch marks show the strength of my body. The strength and bravery it took to grow, change and birth two beautiful human beings; to breastfeed; to be awake 20 hours a day and feel borderline crazy.

What the woman’s body can do is absolutely magnificent, a true miracle.

Yet society somehow makes us feel imperfect and disgusting for having these marks. There is talk about quick fixes and solutions to the ‘problem.’ They sell expensive treatments and creams to diminish them. But, the raw honesty is simple: When wounds are created by love, the scars are beautiful.”

Nicole Maddalone, 2019 Voice Collection

2019 Voice photo contest winner - a black and white image of a woman's stretch marks
Photo by Nicole Maddalone

“This is a self portrait that happened on a whim. It was raining and storming and I decided to head to the beach by myself and try to capture the feeling of being in the midst of turmoil. I let the ocean toss me around first so that my hair would be disheveled and there would be sand on my face. I didn’t have my water housing with me so this is me holding my camera perilously close to the water as the waves were crashing around me.”

Sophia Costa, 2019 Voice Collection

Self portrait of Sophia Costa
Photo by Sophia Costa

“I’d been feeling disconnected from my camera over the previous few months. We’d been forced to leave the United States with very little notice, and relocating back to the United Kingdom had been an emotional roller coaster. As artists we often find that personal emotions impact the images we take (or rather that we don’t take), and that had certainly been the case for me. This rut lasted several months, and you could say it continues even now, but taking the family to new places, exploring our ‘new’ home after 4 years of living abroad, trying new techniques (I could write a book on this subject alone), and forcing myself to focus on particular goals and outcomes, has not only helped my photography but my emotional well-being as well. This day and this image visually represents the first step in us overcoming this particular blip (OK, it was larger than a blip) in our lives. I can look at this image now and think ‘yep, we’re getting somewhere, we’re making improvements, these changes were for the best.'”

Ceri Herd, 2019 Voice Collection

2019 Voice photo contest winner - a bird preening
Photo by Ceri Herd
Self portrait of a photographer
Photo by Emma Collins

“Sometimes the things that you remember most are not things you necessarily enjoy at the time. When I recall our time in Belgium, I remember how wet it was, how soggy we got on our adventures but also how cozy it was in our cabin, and this picture sums that memory up for me.

I was coming back from the car in the rain and caught my daughter snuggled on the bed and staring out of the large window at the back of the cabin. She was longingly looking up at the zip wire outside, patiently waiting for a clearing in the rain to get out to play. But on a deeper level this image really encapsulates my daughter’s character. She is a creative and a dreamer, often found lost in thought concocting ideas for projects and adventures, and on the cusp of growing into her adult self.

I love how photographs have the ability to capture something that is imperceptible to the eye in everyday life, freezing this moment I can see a glimpse of how she will be when she is older.”

Emma Collins, 2019 Voice Collection

“I kept seeing the reflection of the morning light in my dressing table mirror and knew I wanted to create something with it. My mornings are usually very busy getting the kids ready for school, and we had just had our third baby so life was crazier than normal! I reflected on how mornings always seemed so calm and beautiful when I was a child, and realized that my own mother probably didn’t feel that way. I decided to use an almost split frame in this image to juxtapose our different experiences of morning, but also to remind myself to slow down and be present with them.”

Amy Shire, 2019 Voice Collection

Photo of boys sitting at a window - Voice collection 2019
Photo by Amy Shire

You’ll find the full 2019 Voice image collection in the November/December 2019 issue of Click Magazine. Click here to subscribe. Or, visit Click Away to view the full collection in person.

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